Friday, February 28, 2014

Time to fess up about my crafty goals for February...

Hey's the day I share how I'm doing on my goals for 2014 related to crafting.  Here goes....

* Create More/Shop Less:  I'm happy to say that I was doing really well with the "creating more" part of my goal.  I have knocked out a couple of month's worth of photos in my son's album, finished up Christmas photos from last year and am pleased with my progress.  But in the middle of that....I ran out of blades for both of my die cutting machines.  I knew I would have some expense this month and it ended up costing me $75 for new Cameo mats, blades and my little splurge was 30 12by12 sheets of vinyl.  I have gift ideas in mind and vinyl was in my planned purchases.    But that was it--no binge shopping this month!  I'm really pleased.  Our hobby does have some basic needs types of supplies and this happened to be the month that hit for me.

*Purge my stash:  I gifted a few more cards this month and have found the chance to send out quite a few cards.  I sent some lovely Valentine cards, birthday cards and a couple of "just because" cards.  It's nice to see my on hand supply going down a bit.  I also sold about 10 cards to people in my best friend's office.  I'm glad they enjoy them!  I also used a whole lot of ribbon, paper and stickers to make my son's Valentines.  We made covered Tic Tac containers.  I hope the kids enjoyed those!!

*Organization: I spent some time re-evaluating my ribbon storage.  I keep bobbins of ribbon on a dowel rod on pegboard behind my work space.  I love that it is handy and at eye level, but it's a royal pain to remove the empty bobbins.  I usually put it off and do it once a year.  I did it this month and made a LOT of room on it.  But I plan to keep using what I have and not to fill it up any time soon.  I'm not sure I like a lot of ribbon on my cards anymore, so I'm not sure how this will be used in the future.  We'll hasty decisions will be made.

*Jewelry:  I have shared a few necklaces that I have made recently.  I'm going to make myself focus on only doing bead projects when I have an outfit that requires them.  Beading is fun...and addictive, but really, how many necklaces does a girl need.  I know...a lot is an acceptable answer, but I need to watch this new obsession so it doesn't get out of control.

*Being Present:  I actually have put crafting aside quite a bit this month.  My son is in the middle of basketball tournament season and I am really enjoying being with him and his team and their families.  I don't even think about scrapping those weekends.  And it's OK.  We all need balance.  

So all in all....I'm still feeling really good about my goals and really have yet to feel like I have restricted my creativity by not spending much.  A couple of my favorite spending haunts are no longer in the business, so I know that has reduced my temptations greatly....but in general I am at peace with looking to my own room first.  I'm enjoying not wandering the craft stores.  In fact, we had to pick up some paper for my son's science fair project at Michaels last week, and I wasn't even tempted to look at anything in the paper crafting aisles.  It was sort of freeing.  Now...are my projects suffering.  I don't know?   I'm not sure that I care.  I'm having a LOT of fun. Isn't that what it's about?

Thoughts?  I'd love to hear 'em.


Rachel Brooks said...

Sounds like an A+ month! Cogratulations! I haven't put foot into a craft store this month. DH had knee replacement, and that's kept me busy. I haven't had much time to work in my craft room (other than sucking up a flood that came in with the heavy rain/melt we had) but it's progress for me . You're an inspiration for me. I should make more specific goals for myself and see if I can keep them. Good luck with the next month!

Karon said...

Fabulous post and sounds as if your goals for the year are working well. You certainly have achieved a lot! TFS

Susie Craft Happy! said...

Best of luck to you Sonya with your goals. I occasionally have to step back from my crafty joys to get present. Working full time outside of the home makes it difficult to find the time to do the things I enjoy, but I really don't mind. The work allows me the ability to have crafty fun and the family are my biggest supporters so it all works out.

Your goals are great and I'm confident you will reach each one.